About double birthdays


Katherine Hepburn once said “ Live dangerously. There is a lot to be said for sinning“.

I would like to say that is my life ethos; to squeeze each day to its full potential, to take risks, to be serious about certain things and much much less about others. To observe the world as unpredictably beautiful, to navigate its ups and downs with laughter. To laugh, all the time. Always.

But I am not. I am  leaning towards the other end of the scale. I live by my rational mind, calculating each decision by its risks, instead of its rewards. Self doubting my own capabilities, even when I know it is preposterous. To sum it up, I am a mess.

And that is why I am lucky to have found people like to the two pictured above, Will and Lizzy. I believe Miss Hepburn had them in mind whilst speaking such truthful words (even back in 1951) They are a daily reminder to me to smile. To laugh. In public. Even if it seems inappropriate (maybe even more if it does) And then there is their sense of humour, just with the right doses of self deprecation, indecency and knowledge of popular culture by the tons (queue in Mean Girls) They are bold, unashamed, incredibly talented, without breaking a sweat.

They are true comets. Radiant. And they lighten up my own personal galaxy. Lucky me